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In the race against kidney damage, early identification of AKI saves lives.


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In conjunction with clinical evaluation, The NGAL Test* is designed to assess risk of acute kidney injury (AKI) in critically ill patients as quickly as 2 hours after the initial insult. It is the only AKI biomarker that can be measured in both human urine and plasma and can run on standard chemistry analyzers.

BioPorto has also developed a unique range of human and animal NGAL antibodies and ELISA kits for research on nephrotoxicity.

*The NGAL Test is CE Marked and available for in vitro diagnostic use in the European Union, Canada, Korea and Israel. For research use only in all other territories.




BioPorto offers a range of leading, highly reproducible ELISA kits that are easy to use, including two CE-marked ELISA Kits for human clinical use – NGAL for nephrotoxicity and MBL for primary immunodeficiency.

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BioPorto offers high-quality monoclonal antibodies for pharmaceutical research and in vitro diagnostic testing. We have unique antibodies in important areas such as diabetes and obesity, allergy and immune deficiency.

Bulk antibodies are available in custom volumes with competitive pricing and world class delivery service.

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